Leisure Space and Whole Home Redesign

Let Us create Twin Falls' best social space in your home

Whether the kids are now old enough to turn that nursery into a new extension of the home's entertainment space or it is finally time to do something "real and fun" with the basement or that extra bedroom nobody has ever used, a home bar, lounge, game room or combination space can be a truly rewarding addition to any home. At Western Visions we appreciate having fun and know that home can be one of the best places to have a great time! Whether a more formal "adult" feel or one where the kids and the whole family can let loose and shoot a game of pool or invite the crowd over for the big game suits you best, we can work hand in hand with you to make a fantastic play space become a reality for you and your home.

Whether through remodel or addition, we would welcome the chance to be a part of the fun side of your home so please give us a call 208-539-4898 and we will pick a time that works to see how that extra space can be transformed into a new social focal point of your home.

We would love to hear from you to discuss your vision for your next home project. Please give us a call at 208-539-4898, click here to email us directly or fill in the form below.

Western visions warranties all our projects against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years following completion.