Frequently Asked Questions

The Nursery told us they don't really carry much in the way of Aquatic Plants because they can't survive in this Climate. Is this True?

1. NO! Nurseries in Idaho do not carry much in the way of Aquatic Plants primarily because there is not a large demand (Let's Change That!) and as such, there is not a tremendous level of local Expertise. Western Visions Principals have been working with a wide variety of Aquatic Plants for over 20 years and understand intimately the climatological considerations necessary for their success.

2. By way of comparison here are some average January Highs and Lows for a number of Cities:
a. Twin Falls 37.0/20.0
b. Beijing 36.0/16.0
c. Seoul 34.7/21.4
d. Sapporo 30.0/19.0
e. Virginia Horse Country (Leesburg - Winchester Average) 40.5/23.0

As you can see, The Magic Valley falls squarely in the middle of these average temperatures for areas around the world where Water Gardening is extremely popular and widespread. Additionally, there are a number of successful Water Garden installations throughout the Mountain West which experience significantly colder winters than does the Magic Valley.

3. Western Visions uses a variety of methods to ensure good Aquatic Health for your Gardens through the Winter Months. These include both design and mechanical components of the project which we will cover thoroughly with you both during the design process and when we give you a comprehensive orientation to your new addition upon completion.

4. Western Visions direct sources Aquatic Plants from exceptionally reliable suppliers with pond to pond delivery/install times averaging 48 hours for fresh installation and years of healthy garden enjoyment.

What about fish? Can fish survive the winter in our Garden Ponds?

What about fish? Can fish survive the winter in our Garden Ponds?

Absolutely! Reference the Temperature Chart above and you will see that The Magic Valley sits squarely in the Temperature Range of areas where Koi, Shibunkins and other popular Water Garden Fish thrive and reproduce. Furthermore, we use very specific design and mechanical components that ensure pond and fish health throughout the winter months. We will cover these with you in-depth during the design and orientation phases of your project.
Yikes! You said Reproduce? Yes! One of the reasons a variety of Aquatic Plants is necessary to the health of a great Water Garden with fish is that most breeds are rather prolific producing two or three broods per year depending upon climate and babies do need a place to hide.

Speaking of Plants...Plants are essential to good overall pond health. They not only provide cover for juvenile fish but provide vitally important gas exchange and natural water filtration as well as serving as a supplement to your bio-filter that will be installed for you in any pond that will contain fish.

Just as we do with respect to your overall pond, stream and garden operation, we will give you a thorough orientation for the care and maintenance of your fish should you choose to incorporate them into your Garden. The Good News is that pond fish are extremely low maintenance and, if you follow a few simple guidelines, will remain healthy and happy friends for years to come.