Water Gardens, Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams

Be the Envy of Your Twin Falls Neighbors

Water is fundamental to everything we are. Indeed, Water is the single largest component by weight of our bodies. Maybe this explains why many of us feel so drawn to Water whether it is the sound of a rushing Mountain Stream, the power of a Mountain West River or the peaceful solitude felt beside a quiet Lake or Pond.

Western Visions can bring these sensory pleasures home to your property through the creative design and installation of a broad variety of Water Garden and Feature styles. These can range from a large, property wide installation that sets and defines the theme of the entire exterior environment to simple accent features that call attention to a secluded corner of your personal outdoor space.

While many people typically associate Water Gardens and Features with Asian Culture, in reality they are an integral component of outdoor design across the World and have their roots not only in decorative applications but also in historical uses fundamental to human survival and safety going back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years.

Western Visions' Principal Russell Smith has studied Water Gardens and Aquatic Flora and Fauna on three continents and has been building and designing with water for over 20 years including for his own residences. It is a passion that he is dedicated to sharing with our clients.


From a design standpoint one of the beauties of working with water in the outdoor space is that there are few rules other than the undeniable reality that Water Flows Downhill! It can, however, fortunately, be pumped Uphill in a variety of ways.

From Traditional Asian to Southern European, Virginian, Californian or Mountain West themes, Western Visions can design and implement the perfect solution for you. We take the guesswork out of final design by presenting our creative designs to you in large format media using cutting edge design software that clearly locates all feature components, the supporting infrastructure and allows for the application of changes to be executed in real time, clearly demonstrating for you the impact of those changes.

We use an exceptionally broad variety of climate zone compatible plants specifically tailored to fit the specific design of your garden.


Western Visions uses only the finest components in constructing our gardens and features. We source our components and materials from the nation's most reputable supplier with whom we have had a business relationship for over 20 years. This allows us not only to have absolute confidence in the integrity of our systems, but also gives us the ability to quickly source hard to find items that may be crucial for a given installation.

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Western Visions is the Exclusive Southern Idaho Dealer for Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery

Blue Ridge Hatchery is the Oldest and Most Reputable Koi Breeder and Producer in the United States. Through our Relationship with Blue Ridge (Producing Koi since 1965) we Source the Finest in Numerous Species of Koi, Shibunkins, Goldfish, Ornamental Catfish and Specialty Feeds for our Clients and Customers

Western visions warranties all our projects against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years following completion.